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We are so excited you are here! LemonBerry Dancewear is an online and in person dancewear shop. We carry several brands in stock along with my in house made brand.

We carry tights, shoes, accessories and all the little things that make you move. If you need dancewear, gymnastic wear, or pieces that make you move, we got you covered!!

Thank you so much for supporting this small business. You are the heart of all we do.

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Hi! I am Rachel, wife and mother of three amazing children. I homeschool, taxi them to all the places to do all the things and I am the creative heart and mind behind LemonBerry Dancewear.

My dancewear was made in mind for EVERY dancer and I want everyone to feel beautiful and confident.

I have had a passion for sewing since I was 13. At first, it was just pillows for presents. I ran out of room and people to give pillows to quickly and so began the courage to sew garments.

My love of dance and sewing became a single passion when I started sewing my own dancewear at 16. Between those two loves, the time it takes to learn about pattern making, apparel design and manufacturing and just life in general, I took a break.

Fast forward to the need to find FUN, CUTE, QUALITY dancewear, I started making my tiny dancer dancewear. Quickly, I realized that THIS is what all my schooling, experience and previous endeavors had led me to. THIS was what I wanted to do!

LemonBerry Dancewear is made by ME with my sweet right hand gal Tarah who helps me cut each piece with so much care. Since it is just the two of us, we take great pride in each garment and it makes the dancewear SO special and unique!