Ambassador Program

So you want more information on our ambassador program?!

We are always looking for fun, energetic, kind, passionate and excited ambassadors! We are looking for girls who LOVE LemonBerry Dancewear and want to be a part of sharing WHY they love the brand. 

We are looking for girls and their mommas who are committed to posting 3 times on Instagram and turning in 3 additional photos to us per month as well as engaging in our VIP group and on our page on a regular basis. In exchange you will receive a monthly discount code along with recognition for those we see working hard to share the brand love. There are other opportunities to earn fun items and additional discount codes.

To apply:

Our Search takes place January, April, and August but you can put in your application while waiting for our next search.

Email us with the following information (see below) AND attach 2 photos to give us an example of the kinds of photos we will receive monthly. Please email us at


1. Applicant’s name and age.


2. Studio they dance at.


3. Do you own any LemonBerry Dancewear? If so, which pieces are your favorites? 


4. Why would you like to be a brand ambassador for LemonBerry Dancewear? 


5. What size does your dancer wear? 


6. Are you currently an ambassador for anyone else? If so, who?


7. Anything else you think we should know?