Ambassador and Influencer Programs

Ambassador Program:

The ambassador is rewarding in more than one way. You get to know the brand, you get be a part of a fun little community of encouraging mommas and often we have seen friendships form in fun new ways.

So you want more information on our ambassador program?!

 What we are looking for?

We are seeking fun, energetic, kind, passionate and excited dancers to join our team! We are looking for girls who LOVE LemonBerry Dancewear and want to be a part of sharing WHY they love the brand.

 What is the role of an ambassador?

We ask ambassadors to commit to a four month term. Your responsibilities during your term include posting 3 times on Instagram and turning in 3 additional photos to us per month as well as engaging in our VIP group and on our public Facebook and Instagram account on a regular basis.

 What are the benefits?

You will receive a monthly discount code along with recognition for those we see working hard to share the brand love. There are other opportunities to earn fun items and additional discount codes.

To apply: email us at with the following information :

Guardian’s name

Dancer’s name


Phone number

Dancer’s age

Do you own any LemonBerry Dancewear?

If you do NOT own LemonBerry Dancewear yet, take a minute to look on our website and let us know what you’d be excited to purchase.

What studio does your dancer dance at?

What size does your dancer typically wear?

What city and state do you reside in?

Are you an ambassador or brand rep for any other brands? If yes, please list below.

Why do you want to be a LemonBerry Dancewear ambassador?

Tell us a bit about your dancer.

Attach THREE sample photos. These should be photo examples of what you plan on turning into us monthly. 

Our Search takes place January, April, and August but you can put in your application while waiting for our next search.


Influencer Program:

This program is geared towards people who would like to represent our brand but are not interested in the committing to just representing our brand for the term. This is great for people who like to share brands, want low commitment or who are curious and want to get their feet wet before diving into our ambassador program which is way more hands on!

Influencer gets a discount code to use with all their purchases. 

When you purchase with code, you are expected to post a photo about the Dancewear purchased. Highlight the Dancewear and tag @lemonberrydancewear @lemonberrydancewearboutique  use hashtags #lemonberrydancewear #LemonBerryinfluencer 

Influencer gets a code to share with friends as well as using our rewards program online. 

Influencer must have an Instagram and be active on it as well as having a decent following so we can reach new dancers 🥰

Influencer agrees to let us share posts. Instagram accounts can not be set on private. 

Influencer must be kind and represent our brand well!


To apply: