Why the dance scholarship feels so important to me

Why the dance scholarship feels so important to me

Why the dance scholarship feels so important to me

Now, I know that we all have opinions and different perspectives about things that are filtered by the lens in which we wear. From the way we grow up, our social and economical background, and our interests all tend to affect our view on things.


I grew up pretty poor. I didn’t know I was poor/ middle class at the time but looking back, I see all the sacrifices that were made for me to enjoy certain things that other may not struggle to be provided. I don’t know why that’s important other than maybe an understanding of where I’m coming from when I write things.


As an adult, I’ve had seasons of want and also seasons of plenty. I live a more simple life but my husband and I decided that investing in our children was our priority above fancy cars or a fancy house if we couldn’t “have it all”. We are pretty blessed, I feel. 


Now, my experience with dance is that it costs a lot. There are monthly fees, shoes, costumes, pictures, more fees. All of this is expensive! When I was a child, I danced and my mom cleaned the studio each week to pay for our tuition. I have to admit, I was treated much differently from paying customers. That shouldn’t be the case and now that I’m a grown up, I’m embarrassed for the studio owner who treated me differently. That imprinted on me at a young age and in the back of my head I knew things needed to change.


When I started making dancewear, I KNEW I wanted to give back to the dance community. Here I am, offering scholarships for Dancewear and for dance in general and I hope that you will apply for them or nominate other dancers for them.


My heart is in giving back. Here’s what I need you to do: tell people about it!




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