Sponsor a dancer- our scholarship program

Sponsor a dancer- our scholarship program

In the past, I have relied solely on the money we have made from our headbands Lillian has made to sponsor dancers. 

While we will still be doing that and will also put a section together that will be shop-able online, I’ve decided to allot an amount every month and put aside so that we can do it more consistently! 

What is sponsor a dancer? It’s exactly the way it’s sounds!! It’s an opportunity for me to pour back in to the dance community in a tangible way. 

You can either nominate a dancer or apply for your own dancer. We will choose at least one dancer a month or more based on the funds we have been able to gather. The dancer will either be chosen to receive a dance scholarship ( a payment towards their dance fees) or they will receive Dancewear from our shop! 

Pretty cool, huh!? I encourage everyone to apply, you can find the application right here: https://form.jotform.com/211367631272149 

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  • Marni Dasbach

    Seriously another reason to love this amazing shop!!

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