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Bon Voyage! Meet the world sweetest all-in-one travel hairbrush!
Macaron For Hair is a French-inspired, California designed Travel compact hair brush in the shape of a French Macaron cookie. This patented purse-size hair brush is not only cute and fashionable, but is also multifunctional.
Key Features:
-Two parts Case: Part detangler with Radial bristles at varying lengths and heights to smooth hair, part compact mirror with a full pop on/ pop off cover to protect bristles from being bent and dirtied, and entirely calorie-free, Macaron For Hair adds a chic, thoughtful and truly travel-friendly edge to traditional brushes.
-Velvety Touch: Macaron for Hair boasts a signature velvety touch to mimic the same texture of a real macaron.
-Size: L: 2.75” W: 1.56”. Macaron for hair size is ergonomically designed for optimum comfort and balance for both left or right handed.
-Travel & On-the-Go: Great for Traveling, gym, office, beach and office, this must-have tool fits just about anywhere.
-Availability: Comes in a variety of “flavors” including Rose Petal, Raspberry, Lavender, Mint, Black, Blue turquoise and Gold.
-Suitable for women and children alike.
-Works great on straight, normal, wavy and light to medium thickness, long or short hair. Wet or dry. NOT SUITABLE for Thick Curly hair.
-Great for unique and delightful gifting.